Ancient Kiev


Duration: 3 hours.

Sightseers will get acquainted with history of ancient city, which was the capital of the Old Russian state Kiev Russ which had a determining role in forming of the state system, cultures, speeches of east Slavonic nations, including Ukrainians.
A lot of monuments of history, architecture and ancient art are well preserved on the territory of Kiev. After visiting Golden Gates, Andrew’s slope, Podol excursionists will find out how Kiev grew and developed, what kind of life Kievers lived long time ago, and what international relationships Kiev had in that ancient times.

The culmination of this excursion is visiting St. Vladimir Hill, where the Monument to Prince Vladimir is situated. The bronze 4.5-m statue of Prince Vladimir is set up on the 16-m cast-iron pedestal made in the form of a chapel in the pseudo-Byzantinesque style. Vladimir the Great in his princely mantle with a large cross in his right hand and the Great-Prince’s cap in his left hand faces the Dnepr where, at the place of flowing the Pochaina River into the Dnepr, the Kievers were baptized at his behest. The pedestal bears a bas-relief showing a many-figured composition «The Baptism of Rus», representation of Archangel Michael, the star and the cross of the Order of St. Vladimir’s and other decorative elements.

Route: Podol, Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Andrew’s slope, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Monument to Prince Vladimir, Independent square, St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gates, St. Vladimir’s Cathedral.

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