Канев, Черкасская область, Украина

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Tour type: Specific Date
tour_min_people: 1
Maximum number of people: 50
Location: Украина, Черкасская область, Канев
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Kanev Cossack’s

Purpose: getting acquainted with the characteristics of the landscape and the places of Cossack settlements.

Duration:  hours.

Cost: tour –  UAH. (For a group of no more than 30 people.)

Equipment: suitable for movement on rugged terrain

Tour program:

Inspection items Information Blocks
1. Start the tour Guide is getting acquainted with tourists. Reporting in general terms about  the objects and themes of the tour route.


2. Foot of Chernecha (Tarasova) Hill General characteristics of the Shevchenko National Reserve and Taras Hill.
3. Approach to the street Monastyrek Emphasis on the geographical location of the area (Melanchin stream valley between Chernecha and Pilipenkova hills).


4. Pilipenkova mountain (you can climb to the mountain). The history of names and archaeological finds (Zarubinetska culture). When lifting – description of panorama and visible significant objects.
5. Monument to Ivan Podkova Sightseeing of the monument. History of the Cossacks & of the Kanev Regiment, burial place of three Cossack hetmans in the vicinity of the hill (Ivan Podkova, Yakov Shah, Samiylo Koshka)
6. A wooden cross at  the spot of the desired place of resurgence of the Cossack Holy Virgin Intercession Church History of the Cossack monastery & church connected with the historical name of the area. The issue of revival of the Church


7. “The luminaries trail” Taras Hill Slope. The trail to the top, through which rose well-known personalities of Ukrainian & Russian literature and art.


8. Movement by Monastyrek street. The story of the people who settled here from time immemorial. Ancient generations of local residents. Lifestyle features of people; attention is paid to the craft traditions, in particular to pottery. Homestead of one of the last potters Slyn’ko.


9. Visit of cemetery. Tomb of well-known Kobzar Alexey Chuprin and Gorbatyuk’s estates Alex Chuprina several decades sang at the grave of Taras Shevchenko. Vladimir Gorbatyuk is modern Kobzar.             Disclose the theme of “Kobzar at Taras’ Hill.”
10. Grave of T.F.Bazilevich More than 50 years Bazilevich has been the custodian of the Shevchenko memorial. With the forthcoming of the grave there was made resettlement initiative “Pantheon keepers of Tarasova Gora [Taras’ Hill]”
11. . Upper and Lower Kelny Hermite monks on the type of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
12. Topilo Peculiar formation in the landscape surrounding countryside. The legend of a bygone underground areas.
13. Return to the foot of Chernecha(Tarasova) Hill Completion of the excursions. Final conclusions. Farewell of the guide to tourists.


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