Exclusive tour Kanev-Roden

Looking through the centuries at the famous city of Kanev, p. Dnepr, beautiful scenery, Tarasov Mountain…

Kanev is famous not only by Taras Shevchenko’s name. This city is much older and more interesting than you might imagine. Mentions of it are known since the days of Kievan Rus, and its history is very fascinating, mysterious and mystical.

Route – Kiev – Kanev – Kiev

Duration – 1 Day

During the tour you will learn about the prehistoric people on the territory of Ukraine, will touch history of the Pre-Christian period, we will tell about our language as a nation code, about sacred meaning of Ukraine state symbols. You will learn about Getman graves in Kanev, visit the grave of Nicholay Fedotovich Belyashevskiy – the world-famous archaeologist, art historian and public figure.

Particular attention deserves the Kanev Nature Reserve, which is the material-technical base of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. For the first time the establishment of the reserve was raised by Simon Petlyura during his visit of Taras Hill. In the Reserve the Museum of Nature is functioning, which you will learn a lot of interesting and useful about. During the tour you will get acquainted with the nature and history of the native land, to geomorphological features of the Kanev dislocation, dendroflora and archeology monument (settlement of the Polans = Polianians, a Slavic tribe between the 6th and the 9th century, which inhabited both sides of the Dnieper river), the archaeological excavations of the town Roden, Scythian settlements. You will learn about the greatest gully system in Europe – Great Hmelnyanskiy ravine, of “settlement of the Polans “, Maryina mount, Maryina ravine, Knyazhy (Princely) mountain and Plastunka. Lighthouse on the rise, on the top of the Maryina mountain. Take down the ecological trailway to the Museum of Nature and see Belyashevskiy Yar (steep bank).

Shevchenko National Reserve – the first in Ukraine Historical and Cultural Reserve, which has been awarded with National status. Keepers of the Shevchenko National Reserve for decades managed to save for posterity the tomb of the poet, and environment inseparable from him.

Assumption Cathedral – the oldest architectural monument of Kievan Rus’ before the Mongol invasion. Within its walls in May 1861 for three days Ukrainians bid farewell to the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

Tomb Museum of Taras Shevchenko is one of the most revered places for the Ukrainian people. Above the grave tere is towering a granite monument.

Museum “Tarasova Svetlitsa” – the first museum of Taras Shevchenko in Ukraine, where are collected personal Kobzar’s  belongings, household items, various years editions of Taras Shevchenko.

Chernecha or Tarasova Hill /Mount – after there was buried Taras Shevchenko May 22, 1861, Chernecha Hill was renamed to Tarasov Mountain.

Overview of city skyline, Kanev hydroelectric and Kanev reservoir. Information on construction and Kanev hydroelectric station.

Program description:

8.00   – Departure to Kanev.
10.00 – Kanevsky National Park – Museum of Nature;
– Ecological trail – inspection of area, Reigning Mountain, Town of  Roden.
13.00 – Tarasova Gora (Mountain). Memorial Complex. Observation deck.
14.00 – Assumption Cathedral – the oldest architecture monument of Kievan Rus.
14.20 – Overview of city panorama, Kanev hydroelectric and Kanev reservoir. Information on construction and Kanev hydroelectric station
15.00 – Cossack Kulish.
17.00 – Departure to Kiev.

The cost includes:

• Passage of the Programme;
• excursion program;
• support from the company;
• lunch;
• Insurance.

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