Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra


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The Monastery of the Kiev Caves is an ancient underground cave monastery founded in 1051, located in Kiev, Ukraine. It is also known as the Kyivan Cave Monastery, the Kievan Monastery of the Caves, or Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. A major center of Orthodox Christianity in Kievan Russ’, the monastery also serves as the residence of Metropolitan Vladimir, head of the autonomous Church of Ukraine.
In the underground passages, one may look at and worship the «imperishable relics of the most holy monks» displayed there in coffins standing along the walls. There are indeed dozens of mummies to be found in the Lavra catacombs.

The Far Caves were the first to appear and the Near Caves appeared several years later. The underground temples and corridors were dug by monks. Anchorets dedicated their lives to God and spend their lives in small niches branching off the main corridors. Kiev Lavra Caves contain 125 burials of many famous saints including the hollows of Wonder-Worker Moses. Cases of curing of pilgrims who stayed near the hollows are positively known. The Near Caves have the following underground churches: Antoniy’s Church, Church of Leading of the Holy Mother into the Temple and Venerable Varlaam Church. The Far Caves contain Christmas Church, Venerable Pheodosiy’s Church and Annunciation Church.

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